Dental Implants
Dental Implant
$4000 Implants
(Bone Graft, Implant Placement, Abutment and Crown*)

Dental Implants are quickly becoming the standard of care for replacing missing and damaged teeth. Here at Arbour Family Dental we use the latest technologies that allow for the most precise placement of implants, using a technique called Guided Surgery. We want our patients to be able to have the best experience possible and save some money along the way.

Traditionally to place an implant a dentist would use a model of the patient, such as the one to the right, to plan where to put place the implant. They would decide the size of the implant and the angle all from "eyeballing" this model and using a traditional x ray. 

Once all was decided the dentist would place the implant in the best spot that could be decided from the information that they had, and many great implants have been placed that way. But with today's technologies, now implants can be placed exactly where we want them with little to no guess work and here at Arbour Family Dental that is exactly what we do.

dental model

Guided Surgery Implant Placement begins with a special kind of x ray called a cone beam scan. Unlike a traditional x ray that is 2 dimensional, the cone beam is 3 dimensional, allowing us to find the ideal location for implant placement. From that we can decided the exact angle of the implant, we can know exactly how far we are from major nerves and blood vessels, and place the implant into the best bone. Using images such as the ones below, there is no guess work as to where the implant should go or how big it should be.

CBCT scan of dental implant
3D Scan of jaw with implant
Dental Implant in model
3D imaging with superimposed dental impants

Once the ideal implant and location are chosen, a stent is created using a state of the art 3D printer. This stent is placed into the patients mouth at time of surgery and is used as a guide to be sure that the implant is placed exactly where it was planned to be placed.

Surgical gude for dental implant placement

* Additional fee for Cone Beam Image and extraction if needed